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The DIY skin damages, we are guilty of doing.

I get to speak to so many of my customers on a daily basis who are DIY recipe followers who have used many harsh ingredients like lime, tomatoes, cinnamon to lighten their skin or to get glowing skin, it’s easy right, mix 1T spoon of lime juice to 2T spoons of Sugar add some honey to soothe the skin. or mix 1T of Cinnamon to 2T honey and that’s how you’re potentially scaring your skin forever!

I totally understand I have used them too on my skin to lighten my acne scars back in the day, and even the other day when I was at the salon I overheard the cosmetologist inform her client to use lime. it’s so important to know about what you use on your skin and from whom your getting advice, using lime and tomatoes on your face will make your skin sensitive to the sun and even cause long term damages. Using cinnamon on your skin can irritate your skin, trust me it happens.

Lime is acidic so are tomatoes, yes they are natural but not everything that’s natural is safe for your skin. There are many new brands coming out every day with zero research and not every recipe on Pinterest suits your skin and using different “natural” yet harsh ingredients will damage your skin.

a few months ago I speaking to a customer who had tried one of our scrubs she informed me that she felt a burning sensation on her skin when she used it, and I asked her what are the products she use before , she said “I use only natural skin care, I have used a tomato and lime face scrub with sugar” I instantly knew that was the reason her skin is irritated. using harsh ingredients like sugar and different nut powders can give you micro tears.

Micro-tears gradually weaken the skin’s barrier, making the skin more prone to dry, flaky patches, redness, and signs of sensitivity. With daily use, especially if you’re zealously scrubbing with these ingredients, skin loses its ability to restore itself and look healthy. This issue is made worse if the abrasive scrub also contains irritating fragrance, whether it’s natural or synthetic. Although they’re few and far between, you can use a gentle, fragrance-free face scrub once or twice a week without worrying about hurting your skin.

In a nutshell stay away from DIY recipes, from harsh scrubs that make your skin super soft like a baby’s bum that’s actually damaging your face and if you don’t know what a product contains don’t buy it. Be wise girls and boys.




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